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Badger Creek Watershed

Watershed Size: 33,581 acres
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Waterway aluminum toewall Waterway Concrete Dropbox
Waterway with aluminum toewall Waterway with drop box structure
Examples of repairs to waterway and dropbox (before and after)
Waterway Repairs - Before Waterway Repairs - After
Before Repairs After Repairs

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In 1957 a group of concerned landowners in Madison County formed the Badger Creek Watershed Committee to address concerns over flooding, siltation, crop loss, and bridge damage.  The Badger Creek Watershed Subdistrict was organized under Iowa Code in 1961, and includes the Soil & Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) and Boards of Supervisors in Madison, Warren and Dallas Counties.

The Subdistrict partnered with the NRCS and PL-566 (the Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Program) to plan and construct 43 flood control structures throughout the watershed, including Badger Creek Lake, ponds, waterways, and grade control structures such as concrete dropboxes and aluminum toewalls. 

The Madison County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) and Board of Supervisors share responsibility for ensuring the operation and maintenance of flood control structures in Badger Creek Watershed, and the Madison County SWCD holds permanent easements on the structures and adjacent lands and properties.

Operation & Maintenance of structures is funded by a property tax levy administered by the Subdistrict.  The Subdistrict meets for an annual meeting and budget hearing each winter, and organizes an Operation and Maintenance Tour each summer to assess the status of flood control structures determine where repairs are needed.

For more information, please read the Information for Property Owners in Badger Creek Watershed or contact the Madison County Soil & Water Conservation District at (515) 462-2961 x3.